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[Download MP3] - Ralph Simon: Music for the Millennium

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Price: $7.99
Item Number: 87710152
Artist: Simon, Ralph
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Ralph Simon and the Magic Club: Music For the Millennium, the second Postcards Jazz recording from Ralph Simon, features him on soprano saxophone and breath-controlled synthesizers, engaging in riveting duets, trios, quartets, and larger ensembles with a magic club of world-class improvisers. Paul Bley (Piano/Synth), Gary Peacock (Bass), Julian Priester (Trombone), Bruce Ditmas (Drums), and others bring their own unique musical vocabulary to a set of Simon's original compositions (plus Miles Davis’ composition Blue In Green) that explores his extensive background in Jazz, contemporary classical music, and free improvisation with an eye towards effecting a remarriage of acoustic and electric music.


"Beautifully recorded and sensitively performed …

a very attractive album."                                           - Jazziz Magazine


This CD, Ralph Simon and the Magic Club: Music For the Millennium (also available on CD), fuses tradition instrumentation with electronic innovation, as well as classical structures with modern Jazz feeling, and in doing do reveals directions for the future of Jazz in the next millennium. Welcome to the Magic Club!


"…subtle textures and hues of acoustic and electric music."       

- Down Beat Magazine


Song Selection:


 1. Cousin Bruce
 2. The Ballad Quartet Will Now Play Suite First Take
 3. Dawn Tuning
 4. Downhill Slalom
 5. Rebecca's Twillight
 6. Una Noche (Mi Centaurita)
 7. Sweet Sorrow (R Plays Blue)
 8. Ghosts of Goethals (WE...ARE...ROLLING!)
 9. Windsong
10. Are You Ready (Sextet for the End of Now)
11. Blue In Green

Ralph Simon - soprano saxophone, breath-controlled synthesizers
Paul Bley - piano and synthesizers (on 2-8, 10)
Gary Peacock - bass (on 1-6, 8-11)
Julian Priester - trombone (on 3-6, 8)
Bruce Ditmas - drums and synthesizers (on 1-6, 8, 10, 11)
Alan Pasqua - piano (on 11)
Jeff Berman - vibraphone (on 3-6, 8, 10)
Tom Beyer - percussion, synthesized percussion (on 3-6, 8, 10)
Elizabeth Panzer - harp (on 3-6)
Michael DiSibio - trumpet (on 11)

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