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     For over 30 years, V.I.E.W. Video has been committed to producing and distributing only the finest in Home Video and Television entertainment. What started in the early age of VHS and Betamax (and progressed through Laserdisc, 8mm video and standard DVD) is now successfully transforming to the digital Internet age, offering a broad range of exclusive Award-Winning DVDs, CDs, and Digital Downloads.
     Regardless of format, we are truly proud that our programs have garnered over 200 prestigious awards from a variety of important International Festivals and Competitions. V.I.E.W. has created a diverse catalog of PBS-style programs, including the best Concert Performances by classic and modern artists, as well as original and insightful Documentaries and a host of other Special Interest programs that range from Dance and Opera to Art and Art History, Environmental, Health, Parenting and Children’s programming.
     With each new DVD release, we take special pride in bringing you the most enjoyable and comprehensive Bonus Features in this exciting format. All our DVDs are digitally mastered with Dolby Audio, contain Instant Chapter Access to Scene Selections, and many extra Features such as Bonus Video, Bonus Music Tracks, Biographies, Photo Galleries, Trivia Facts Subtitles and many more.
     Headquartered in NYC for almost 30 years, in 2010 we built a new office and warehouse building located in Saugerties, NY, about 6 miles from Woodstock, We are focused on producing and distributing new state-of-the-art programs for niche markets, such as Jazz and Popular Music, Art, Opera, Dance, Parenting, History, and many others, and are constantly searching the world to bring you an exciting variety of quality collectible programs that compliment both your lifestyle and interests.
     Please take a look at our Free Previews, Sign Up for our Specials and New Releases, and join the VVCC (View Video Collectors Club), our growing community of passionate viewers. To let us know your particular interests and what else you'd like to see on V.I.E.W. Video, drop us at line at

Bob Karcy
President & Founder